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January 3, 2020
nirvana lawsuit centers on “smiley face” logo

The smiley face logo, with X’s for eyes, has become emblematic of 90s grunge band Nirvana. The iconic rock group filed a lawsuit last December against Marc Jacobs, accusing the fashion house of stealing their logo. Now, Marc Jacobs is countersuing Nirvana in a case that raises interesting intellectual property law questions. First, some history…

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Patriots Owner Ready for Fight in Prostitution Case Appeal

December 27, 2019
patriots owner ready for fight in prostitution case appeal

Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, is expecting the state to appeal a critical ruling over evidence. And he’s ready. Prosecutors have until October 1 to challenge a judge’s ruling that throws out critical video evidence against Kraft. The order by Palm Beach County Judge Leonard Hanser was handed down in May.…

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Securing Your Business Against Data Breaches

December 13, 2019
picture of someone going through a data breach

Data breaches are an unfortunate part of business in the 21st century. Consumers are familiar with news of stolen data from major corporations across the country. But large companies have the advantage of substantial resources and money that can combat this problem. Small businesses are far more vulnerable to the damage that can be caused so…

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November 29, 2019
amazon sued for patent infringement

CEIVA Logic Inc. has sued Amazon over alleged patent infringements. CEIVA is renowned for pioneering network-connected smart displays about 20 years ago. Now, CEIVA says, the tech giant is liable for infringing on two of its U.S. patents: Patent 6,442,573: “Method and Apparatus for Distributing Picture Mail to a Frame Device Community” Patent 9,654,562: “Method…

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Sketcher and Nike Locked in Patent Battle

November 15, 2019
sketcher and nike locked in patent battle

Nike recently filed a lawsuit against Skechers, accusing the shoe company of infringing at least 12 design patents. In its complaint, Nike claims that Skechers uses competitors’ shoe designs in order to gain market share. The dispute concerns Skechers’ Sketch-Air 92, Sketch-Air Status, Sketch-Air Blast, and Sketch-Air Atlas styles, among others. In particular, Nike has…

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Instagram Case Illustrates Extent of Copyright Claims Over Photographs

November 1, 2019
instagram case illustrates extent of copyright claims over photographs

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski was recently hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit – over a picture taken of herself. In the lawsuit, photographer Robert O’Neil claims that the 28-year-old posted one of his photos to her Instagram account. The image includes Ratajkowski, with her face obscured by a bouquet of flowers. The suit was…

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Chinese Researchers Threaten Intellectual Property at Universities

October 18, 2019
image of an american university

Chinese researchers threaten intellectual property at universities. Researchers threaten intellectual property at universities. The FBI has sounded an alarm on intellectual property theft by Chinese researchers at American universities and colleges. Technology and trade secrets are under attack, and campus administrators are being advised on how they can prevent it. You can always contact an…

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The Challenges of Protecting Intellectual Property in the Cannabis Industry

October 4, 2019
picture of a person holding a grinder with weed

Cannabis is becoming more mainstream as multiple states have legalized its use in some way. But the legal landscape has yet to catch up, and this is especially true for intellectual property. Kevin Murphy, chairman and CEO of cannabis operator Acreage Holdings, writes in Forbes about the challenges of protecting cannabis intellectual property. With more…

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Oklahoma Appeals Federal Ruling in Innocent Man Case

September 20, 2019
oklahoma appeals federal ruling in innocent man case

Oklahoma has appealed a federal judge’s ruling involving a man featured in a Netflix documentary. The state was ordered to either release Karl Fontenot or hold a new trial within 120 days. Fontenot is serving life in prison for the 1984 killing of an Ada, OK convenience store clerk. In August, U.S. District Court Judge…

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