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Were you convicted of a crime in the United States District Court throughout New Jersey, Delaware or Pennsylvania? If so, you must consult with a federal appellate law firm who is responsible for handling federal appeals for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Eddington & Worley has been handling federal appeals for the circuit courts of appeal throughout the country as well as the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Our priority is to research and find legal situations for federal appeals, regardless of a plea agreement or conviction after trial. Our brief writers are extremely skilled and able to examine a complete trial record or record of sentencing after a plea agreement. The core principle of our practice is to find specific legal issues defined in those situations. We work relentlessly to ensure that no stone is left unturned as we work to succeed in your case. The consequences of these types of cases are quite serious and it is imperative to seek out the representation that is needed for an appeal. Call (281)595-1519 today and learn how an experienced attorney at Eddington & Worley can help your appeal.

How Does the Criminal Appeal Process Work?

Our primary job seeks out any legal issues that your lawyer or judge may have missed. Once the consultation has concluded, the appeal process undergoes the strictness station of the court record, regardless of whether it is a plea and sentence or the trial record. Through painstaking research of court transcripts, motions and exhibits we all learn the minute details and issues regarding your case. We will then begin to craft the legal argument that is necessary for the appellate courts’ review and conclude with the necessary legal research that is essential for your case. Throughout this process, we ensure that every topic thoroughly researched and covered for a proper legal brief.

We will construct several drafts of every single brief before it is submitted to the court so there is no grammar mistakes, lost details, legality issues, improper statements, as well as proper sentence and paragraph structure as these, are all essential aspects creating a proper appellate brief. The brief will then be filed electronically as well as hardcopy to the Third Circuit. Understanding the proper structure of filing is a key element to ensure all deadlines are met through the Circuit Court of Appeals.

What Happens After the Appeal is Filed?

Once your brief has been filed with the government, we will then file an answering brief as well as the opportunity to draft an overall reply which attacks the government’s stance against you. These are essential stages in an appellate argument and each one of them will partake in our individual attention. We are fully experienced in the process of addressing questions that have been posed to us by the federal appellate judges.

In oral argument addressed before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals is an excruciating and exhilarating experience for even the most experienced attorneys. This is a rapid-fire process in which we advocate on your behalf before a panel of Federal Judges. Throughout this process they will answer a series of questions in which we answer and persuade our argument, time is of the essence in this aspect and preparation is essential.

an appeals judge reviewing a document on a computer with a timer and gavel sitting on their desk.

A federal appellate court is quite different than trial courts as of the oral argument will provide a federal appellate attorney with a specific amount of time in order to present your case and answer any questions from the judge. However more important than simply answering the question, the oral arguments are the time used to persuade the court. It is through this meeting that the judges will decide your case, it is your lawyer’s opportunity to find out if the court harbors any doubts regarding the legal arguments that have been raised in the appellate brief. Every question that is asked by the judge is an opportunity. It is through these questions that we have the ability to persuade the court. Our lawyers fully understand this and use it to your advantage. We will be there by your side arguing and persuading your case.

The Federal Appeals Process and be a difficult situation to understand and follow. It is important that you do not undergo this process alone. Our talented and experienced federal appeals attorneys will guide you through the entire process and offer you the best opportunity of justice.

What States are Covered by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals?

In order to appeal to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals you must have taken either a plea deal or been convicted in one of the following United States district courts:

  • U.S. District Court of Delaware (Wilmington)
  • U.S. District Court of New Jersey (Camden, Newark, and Trenton)
  • Eastern District of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Allentown, Reading, and Easton)
  • Middle District of Pennsylvania (Scranton, Harrisburg, Williamsport, and Wilkes-Barre)
  • Western District of Pennsylvania (Erie, Pittsburgh, and Johnstown)

The cases that usually will arrive in these districts are from cities such as Newark, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware. A disposition that is entered into any one of these courts must be appealed to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, keep in mind that time is limited so one must act quickly. If you signed a plea agreement or have been convicted in any one of these districts, it is essential to file a Notice of Appeal within 30 days. Court requires this procedure which will allow you to appeal your case in a timely manner. However, what would happen if you were unable to file a notice of appeal in the 30-day time limit has already passed? If this has happened, it is imperative to contact us as soon as possible. We will research your case and examine various aspects even if your last lawyer failed to do so.

What Types of Appeals Cases Does Eddington & Worley Handle?

The federal appeals attorneys of Eddington & Worley will handle all types of criminal cases that are argued before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Some of the cases included, but not limited to:

  • Kidnapping, loansharking, extortion as well as gang activity.
  • White-collar crimes can include corruption, money laundering, insider trading, identity theft, bribery, conspiracy, wire and mail fraud, and bank fraud.
  • Drug crimes include drug crime conspiracies, trafficking, manufacturing, distribution, and possession.
  • Violent crimes including murder, manslaughter, armed robbery, and assault.
  • Healthcare crimes such as fraudulent Medicaid and Medicare claims and overall fraud.
  • Firearm crimes which can include unlawful sales, importing and selling guns and ammunition them across state lines as well as the possession of a weapon.

Contact The Third Circuit Court of Appeals Attorney At Eddington & Worley Today

Our appellate attorneys at Eddington & Worley make sure that every single client is treated correctly by the prosecution as well as justices and judges of the courts. It is important to understand that the courts and the government do not protect your rights, it is your responsibility and the responsibility of your attorney to ensure that your rights under the Constitution of the United States are guaranteed and protected. Our federal appeals attorneys are available to protect your rights and your right to a fair trial. They will ensure that the judicial system does not trample over you or anyone else.

How do you start the process to ensure you get the justice you deserve? Take the first step and contact us at (281) 595-1519 and one of our qualified appellate attorneys will begin the process. Always remember that the Third Circuit Court of Appeals has no obligation to help you, we do! Our skilled appeals attorneys have been thoroughly trained on the wall as well as the federal appeals process and are here to guarantee you the justice you may have missed out on.

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