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After being arrested, tried and eventually convicted after being found guilty of taking part in an illegal activity in Illinois, Wisconsin or Indiana by a federal trial court also known as the United States District Court, you need to seek the assistance of a federal appellate lawyer who is experienced in handling federal appeals in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. At the law offices of Eddington & Worley, you will find the best legal talent that offers representation when it comes to filing and handling appeals in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

a police officer arresting a man on federal criminal charges.

Our appellate lawyers are adept at researching and identifying legal issues that can be used in federal appeals without considering you were sentenced after agreeing to a plea bargain or after taking part in a trial. We have a wealth of experience in writing legal briefs and we can examine and thoroughly review the whole record of your trial or the record of your sentence that comes after you take a plea. Our lawyers focus on finding legal issues in both of these situations, call (281)595-1519 today to get us started on your case. We work diligently, scouring all materials at our disposal in order to ensure that you lodge a successful appeal. Considering that the high nature of the stakes if it has come to an appeal and the consequences even more serious, you also need the legal representation of the highest quality when lodging a federal appeal for a criminal case.

How Does the Criminal Appeal Process Work?

During the appeal process, we will find and expose all legal issues that may have been overlooked at your trial by your legal representative and the judge. After consulting us, we will scrutinize all available trial records on your trial, sentence or plea bargain. We will understand your case better by examining the exhibits provided at your trial, the motions filed and the transcripts of your trial. We start with crafting each legal issue in your trial after conducting extensive legal research as this is important when you are making a case for your appeal. We will make an exceptionally good legal brief for your appeal by carrying out extensive and comprehensive research and covering all points in your case.

Before submitting your appeal brief to the court, we will always run through very many drafts. This is to ensure that we cover all legal issues, case laws, incorporate all pertinent details and accurately put across your statement of facts (your version of events). We also go through many drafts to eliminate errors in grammar, paragraph structure and sentence structure. We do all this to come up with a formidable legal brief for use in your appeal case. Once we have a final copy, we will file an electronic copy with the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. We will also ensure that a hardcopy of the brief gets to the Seventh Circuit.

What Happens After the Appeal is Filed?

After we have filed your appeal, the government will provide an answer to your brief. This will give us an opportunity to craft a reply attacking the position of the government prosecutor on your case. Each part of the appeal process is important and we give meticulous attention to each stage. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience when it comes to answering queries fielded by the judges of the federal appeals court.

Federal appellate courts have many differences with federal trial courts. In appeal courts, your lawyer gives an oral argument for a limited amount of time. During the sessions when they are giving an oral argument, your lawyer usually presents your appeal case to the judges and answers and queries they may have. However, oral arguments involve more than just answering questions. These sessions are also a time for your lawyer to convince the court on the merits of your case. They provide an opportunity for your attorney to gauge whether the judges who will determine your case think that you are raising sufficient legal grounds for an appeal in your brief. Any question asked by the judges is a golden chance for your attorney to help and persuade the judges to see the case your way. Our lawyers understand the importance of the oral arguments and they will be there at each step and stage persuading the court to see things your way.

an appeals lawyer speaking with a man in prison.

The lodging of an appeal is daunting and confusing. During this process, do not walk alone. At the law firm of Eddington & Worley, we have the best legal experts who can provide guidance to you throughout the duration of your appeal and guarantee that you get the best chance at justice.

What States are Covered by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals?

If you have been sentenced after taking a plea bargain or undergoing a trail in either of the U.S. Districts listed below, you should lodge your appeal in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The U.S. District Courts include:

  • Central District of Illinois (Peoria, Urbana, Springfield, and Rock Island)
  • North District of Illinois (Chicago and Rockford)
  • Southern District of Illinois (Benton and East St. Louis)
  • Northern District of Indiana (Fort Wayne, Hammond, Lafayette and South Bend)
  • Southern District of Indiana (Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Evansville and New Albany)
  • Eastern District of Wisconsin (Milwaukee and Green Bay)
  • Western District of Wisconsin (Madison)

Appeal cases in these districts normally arise in cities such as Indianapolis, Indiana; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois and others. Any appeal disposition that is entered in district courts in these jurisdictions must be made out to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. When filing any appeal brief, you must act expeditiously as there is usually limited time. If you have signed a plea agreement or have been sentenced in any of the districts outlined above, you must provide an appeal notice to the Seventh Circuit within a duration of time that does not exceed 30 days! However, if it has been over 30 days and you have not filed your appeal, you should contact us immediately. We can review your appeal even if your previous legal representative neglected to do this.

What Types of Appeals Cases Does Eddington & Worley Handle?

At Eddington & Worley, our lawyers can deal with any type of federal appeal that is lodged in the Seventh Circuit of Appeals. We cover the following crimes and more:

  • Violent crimes that involve assault, murder, manslaughter or armed robbery charges
  • Drug crime charges that include possession of illegal substances, manufacturing of drugs, trafficking, and drug-related conspiracies
  • Kidnapping, loan sharking, extortion and gang activities
  • White-collar crime charges that can include bank fraud, wire and mail fraud, identity theft, bribery, insider trading, conspiracy, corruption and money laundering
  • Health crimes that can include making false claims on Medicare and Medicaid insurance
  • Crimes that touch on firearms such as illegal possession of weapons, importation and selling of ammo across states and unlawful sale of weapons

Contact The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Attorneys At Eddington & Worley Today

Our attorneys ensure that you receive fair treatment from court justices and judges as well as the prosecution. Remember that the government and court structure does not protect your rights – It is the duty of your attorney and your responsibility to exercise the protection that is given to you by varying federal statutes and the United States Constitution. Contact our federal appeals law firm and let our lawyers assist you in getting a fair trial, protect your rights and also let us guarantee that the justice system will not trample all over you.

Do you want to get justice during the appeals process? Call us today through (281) 595-1519and let some of the best federal lawyers in the country handle your appeal. The Seventh Circuit will not protect your legal rights but WE CAN and WE WILL. You will be represented by lawyers who are experts on the laws of the land, highly trained and experienced in the process of lodging appeals and further, experts whose top interest is to ensure that you receive justice.

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