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At Eddington and Worley, our firm focuses on federal level cases involving appeals and intellectual property. Our focus on these two specific areas of law gives us a unique perspective and understanding of what we do that many other lawyers won’t have. Many lawyers are willing to take on an appellate or intellectual property case if it comes there way, however, that’s not the type of case they normally try. At Eddington & Worley, appeals and IP are what we do, so you can trust that you have an expert in your corner.

We work quickly to protect our clients and begin gathering evidence immediately to begin building a strong case. If you are looking for an appellate attorney, you have already been convicted of a federal crime and in many cases are looking at a significant prison sentence. We know that you have no time to waste

Our intellectual property attorneys also know the value of acting quickly and precisely to build a case. We understand that your businesses’ success and longevity may be at stake if your intellectual property is being stolen and will do everything possible to make sure you get the representation you are entitled to. Don’t take for granted that what makes your business special will always stay private, protect yourself from day one!

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Our experience speaks volumes. We fight for your rights, justice, and are dedicated to preserving your reputation, career and most importantly, your livelihood. 

We know how difficult it is for someone to prepare a solid appeal or defense on their own, which is something you have every right to and quite frankly are entitled to. 

We promise you aggressive and attentive representation.  We believe that no matter what the crime, we can help.

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