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If you were convicted of a crime by a United States District Court (federal trial court) in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, then you need to contact a federal appellate lawyer who has experience handling federal appeals within the Eleventh Circuit of Appeals. Eddington & Worley is a law firm that handles federal appeals within the Circuit Court of Appeals in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and across the United States.

We focus on identifying and researching federal appeals legal issues, whether following a plea agreement or you were convicted after a trial. We are very skilled brief writers and are able to review an entire sentencing record or trial record after a plea. The very core of our practice is identifying legal issues of both of those situations. We do not leave anything to chance, or any stones unturned, as we strive to make sure your case is successful. The consequences are very serious and the stakes are quite high, so you need to have serious representation for a federal appeal case. Call (281)595-1519 today for a free review of your appeal.

How Does the Criminal Appeal Process Work?

Our focus will be exposing the legal issues that your lawyer and the judged missed. The Eleventh Step of the appeal process, after the consultation, is to analyze the court record, whether that is the plea and sentence or the trial record. We will thoroughly examine the issues and details of your case by reviewing court motions, exhibits, and court transcripts. Conducting legal research and crafting each of the legal issues for the review of the appellate court are both fundamental for your case. That is our starting point. We ensure that every issue is comprehensively researched and covered.

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We always go through numerous drafts on each brief before we submit it to the Court to make sure that none of the details are lost; statement of facts (which tells your side of the story), case law, legal issues, and even paragraph structure, sentence structure, and grammar are all essential elements of the process in drafting your appellate brief. We will file your brief with the Eleventh Circuit by hard copy and electronically. A key aspect of making the Circuit Court of Appeals deadlines is knowing how to file.

What Happens After the Appeal is Filed?

Once we have filed your brief, an answering brief will be filed by the Government. We then will have an opportunity to draft your “reply,” to attack the arguments of the Government against you. Each of those stages is critical to the appellate argument, and each of them will receive our closest attention to every detail. We have extensive experience in addressing questions that federal appellate judges pose.

Oral argument in front of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals is a very fluid and dynamic roller coaster ride even for highly experienced attorneys. It is a rapid-fire interactive session where we advocate on your behalf in front of a Federal Judges panel. They ask questions, and we persuade and answer. Time is very limited, which is why preparation is so crucial.

Federal appellate courts are different than trial courts; during oral argument,  a federal appellate attorney has a very limited amount of time for presenting your case and answering questions from judges. However, oral argument, more than just answering questions, is an opportunity to attempt to persuade the Court. It involves meeting the judges face-to-face who will be deciding your court. This is the attorney’s chance to probe the Court to determine where they might harbor any doubts on the legal arguments that the appellate brief has raised. Each question that is asked by one of the Judges on the panel is absolute gold. Each question provides the opportunity to persuade and understand. Our attorneys thoroughly understand the importance and essence of the moment. We will be there every step along the way to argue on your behalf.

The federal appeals process is often difficult to follow and confusing. Don’t try to go through this process on your own. We have highly talented and experienced federal appeals lawyers who can guide you throughout the entire process and guarantee your best chance of obtaining justice.

What States are Covered by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals?

If you took a plea deal or were convicted in one of the U.S District Courts below, your appeal must be made with the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals:

  • Middle District of Alabama (Montgomery, Dothan, and Opelika)
  • Northern District of Alabama (Birmingham)
  • Southern District of Alabama (Mobile and Selma)
  • Middle District of Florida (Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Ocala, Orlando, and Tampa)
  • Northern District of Florida (Pensacola, Tallahassee, and Gainesville)
  • Southern District of Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Fort Pierce, and Key West)
  • Middle District of Georgia (Macon, Albany, Athens, Columbus, and Valdosta)
  • Northern District of Georgia (Atlanta, Gainesville, Newman, and Rome)
  • Southern District of Georgia (Augusta, Brunswick, Dublin, Savannah, Waycross, and Statesboro)
an appellate lawyer and the scales of justice.
Contact a federal appeals lawyer to make sure you were tried fairly.

Usually, cases in those districts arise in cities like Birmingham, Alabama; Miami, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; and others. Any disposition that is entered with any of those courts must be appealed to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Time is limited so it is essential to act expeditiously. If you signed a plea agreement or were convicted in any of those districts, then you are required to file your Notice of Appeal in no more than 30 days. The court requires this and your case must be appealed in a timely manner. What happens if you do not file your notice of appeal within 30 days? You should immediately contact us. We will review your case and also examine the issues that your previous lawyer failed to do.

What Types of Appeals Cases Does Eddington & Worley Handle?

Our federal appeals lawyers handle all of the types of criminal cases that are argued in front of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. That includes the following (but is not limited to them:

  • Kidnapping, loan sharking, extortion, and gang activity;
  • White-collar crimes like corruption, money laundering, insider trading, identity theft, bribery conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud, and bank fraud;
  • Drug crimes including drug conspiracies, trafficking, manufacturing, distribution, and possession;
  • Violent crimes like murder, manslaughter, armed robbery, and assault;
  • Health care crimes including fraudulent and knowingly making false Medicare and Medicaid claims, and other forms of fraud.
  • Firearm crimes including their unlawful sale, selling and importing ammo and guns across state lines, possession of weapons.

Contact The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Attorney At Eddington & Worley Today

At Eddington & Worley, your federal appeals attorneys work to ensure that the prosecution also treats every client fairly along with the justices and judges of the court. Your rights are not protected by the courts and the government – it is up to you attorney and yo to exercise the protections that the federal statutes and Constitution guarantee you. Allow our federal appeals law firm to protect your rights, make sure you are given a fair trial, and work to guarantee that no one, including you, is trampled over by the justice system.

So how do you get started with ensuring that you receive the justice that you truly deserve? Call us at (281) 595-1519 and allow our experienced criminal appeals attorneys to assist you. Your rights are not protected by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals – but they are protected by us. Our appeals lawyers are trained legal experts and trained in all aspects of the federal appeals process, and skilled and experienced in guaranteeing you justice.

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