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A Second Circuit Court Of Appeals federal appeals lawyer can assist you after you have been handed a conviction from the Vermont, New York or Connecticut Federal trial court, also referred to as the US District Court. In the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and Circuit Courts of Appeal across the country, the Eddington & Worley Law Firm specializes in making federal appeals.

a judge ruling on a federal criminal appeal in the second circuit.

Regardless of whether your conviction was a result of a plea agreement or trial process, our focus is to identify and research legal issues for federal appeals. After a plea, we can look at a full sentencing or trial record afresh, as highly qualified brief writers. The main goal of our practice is to identify various legal concerns in the above-mentioned situations. Our commitment to success in your specific case ensures that we cover all our bases, exploring all possibilities. Call (281) 595-1519 to get your appeal handled by dedicated professionals who consider the seriousness of the consequences involved.

How Does the Criminal Appeal Process Work?

Any legal concerns that may have been overlooked by the judge or your previous attorney will be identified and exposed by our legal team. We will look at the court record, be it a plea and sentence or trial record, immediately after the initial consultation. Thoroughly scrutinizing motions, exhibits and court transcripts will help us learn the details of your case. We start by taking care of the most important aspect of the appeal process, researching and crafting each legal issue for review by the court of appeals. The start of a winning legal brief entails thorough research of all of the legal issues identified in a case.  

A variety of essential elements contribute to the creation of a winning legal brief including a statement of facts (you own account of what happened), legal concerns, case law, the structure of sentences and paragraphs and grammar; to ensure that everything is as it should be, before handing in the brief to the court, we review a number of initial drafts. In the Second Circuit, the brief is submitted by hard copy and digitally. To meet the Second Circuit Court of Appeals deadlines, it is important to know the ins and outs of the filing process.

What Happens After the Appeal is Filed?

The government will file an answering brief after the submission of our initial brief; at this point, we will have the chance to submit a reply countering all of the claims made in the answering brief. We give this process our undivided attention as each step is vital to making a winning argument for an appeal. 

Even the most experienced federal appellate lawyers find the Second Circuit of Appeals oral argument to be a challenging ride that is characterized by highs and lows. During this stage of the appellate process, we seek to convincingly answer all the concerns raised by the presiding Federal judges, in an engaging, time-bound, quick-fire session; suffice it to say, proper preparation is essential.

Since your lawyer only gets a limited amount of time to address any concerns raised by the judges and also present your case before the court during the oral argument, the appellate court process is significantly different from the trial court process. Your attorney gets the chance to convince the court in addition to answering any question raised by the judges. Your lawyer can be able to identify any issues raised in the legal brief that the court is doubtful about during the in-person discussion with the Federal judges. Each concern raised by the panel of judges is priceless. We get the chance to not only understand but also convince the judges with every question they ask. The importance of this part of the appellate process is not lost on our attorneys. We argue your case, every opportunity we get. 

federal appellate lawyers reviewing documents for a case.

It can be difficult and confusing to follow the process of Federal Appeals. It is best to have a qualified professional by your side. To ensure that you get the best chance at a fair process, we have a team of highly qualified Federal Appeals Lawyers ready to take you through each stage of the process.

What States are Covered by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals?

If you have taken a plea deal or have been convicted through a court trial in the following United States District Courts, your appeal must go through the Second Circuit Court of Appeals:

  • U.S. District Court of Connecticut (New Haven, Hartford and Bridgeport)
  • Eastern District Court of New York (Brooklyn and Central Islip)
  • Northern District Court of New York (Albany, Binghamton, Plattsburg, Syracuse and Utica)
  • Southern District Court of New York (Manhattan and White Plains)
  • Western District Court of New York (Buffalo and Rochester)
  • U.S. District Court of Vermont (Burlington)

Cases in these districts usually arise from cities such as New York, New York; Hartford, Connecticut; Burlington, Vermont; and more. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals hears any appeals from those courts. Since you only have a limited window to file an appeal, it is essential that you act quickly. A Notice of Appeal must be filed in a period of fewer than 30 days if you have executed a plea deal document or been convicted in any of the above-mentioned districts. Reach out to us as soon as possible if this window has already expired before you file the notice. If your previous attorney did not look at all the details of your case, we will be able to do so, starting with a thorough review.

What Types of Appeals Cases Does Eddington & Worley Handle?

Any criminal case presented before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals can be argued by our federal appeals attorneys. This includes the following cases:

  • Kidnapping, loan sharking, extortion, and gang-related criminal activities among others
  • Money laundering, bribery, corruption, wire, mail and bank fraud, identity theft, conspiracy and insider trading among other white-collar offenses
  • Conspiracy to commit drug crimes, distribution, possession, trafficking, and manufacturing among other drug-related offenses
  • Murder, armed robbery, manslaughter, and assault among other violent offenses
  • Making fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid claims knowingly and other related healthcare offenses
  • Unlawful sale of firearms, illegal possession of weapons, the illegal importation and sale of firearms across state lines and other firearm-related offenses

Contact Our Second Circuit Court of Appeals Attorneys At Eddington & Worley Today

At Eddington & Worley, the main goal of our federal appeals lawyers is to ensure that the entire court system, including the prosecution and judges, treats each client fairly. The burden of protecting your rights as guaranteed by the constitution and federal laws lies in your hands and those of your lawyer, as the court system and the government do not do this. You can ensure that the justice system does not take advantage of your rights or treat you, or anyone else for that matter, unfairly by leaving the job of protecting your rights in the capable hands of our Federal Appeals Attorneys.   Allow our seasoned criminal appeals law firm to give you the assistance you need, by calling (281) 595-1519, and get your journey to a fair legal process started today. We can safeguard your rights, something that the Second Circuit Court of Appeals cannot! Having mastered the process of federal appeals and the law, our lawyers have what it takes to ensure the success of your quest for a just legal process.

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