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At the law offices of Eddington & Worley, we handle appeals cases in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Circuit Court of Appeal in all jurisdictions within the United States. If you have been tried and convicted of committing a crime in Louisiana, Texas or Mississippi by the United States District Court is also known as the federal trial court and want to appeal your sentence, you should seek the services of a federal appellate lawyer. You specifically want an experienced attorney for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Our lawyers focus on researching on all legal issues that are pertinent to appeals that take place in federal court whether you were convicted after taking a plea bargain from the prosecution or were sentenced after the due legal process was followed. We are highly skilled at writing briefs and can review the entire record of your trial or the sentencing record that happens after you have taken a plea bargain. Our core practice is founded on finding legal issues with situations in either of these circumstances. We will turn all stones and leave nothing to chance in order to set your appeal up for success. A sentence carries serious consequences and since the stakes are very high, you need the best legal representation when filing a federal appeal. Call our offices today at (281) 595-1519 to get our experts fighting for you.

How Does the Appeals Process Work?

On hiring us, we will expose all the legal issues that may have been missed by your attorney and the presiding judge at your trial. The first thing that we do is to go through the court records be they records of your trial, plea, or eventual sentence. We learn and understand the issues in your case by diligently going through the court transcripts of your trial, the exhibits used and the motions filed in your trial. When filing your appeal case, the process of researching and crafting legal issues to be reviewed by the appeal court is important and this is where we start. To create a great legal brief for your appeal, we carry out in-depth research with ensuring that all possible issues are covered.

Prior to submitting your legal brief to the court, we go through very many drafts in order to ensure that all details, case laws, legal issues and statements of facts (your side of what happened) are properly captured. It is also important to present a brief that has no grammar errors, has proper paragraph structure and sentence structure. This is another reason we go through very many drafts. On creating a good brief, we will file using electronic channels to the Fifth Circuit. We will also present a hardcopy of the brief to the Fifth Circuit. In order to meet the deadlines that have been set by the Circuit Court of Appeals, it is important to know how to properly file a brief.

What Happens After the Appeal is Filed?

After filing your brief, the prosecution acting on behalf of the state usually files a reply. We then get a chance to draft a reply to the prosecution attacking the arguments that the prosecution is using against you. Each of the stages in the appeal process is critical to presenting a strong appeal case and we give each stage maximum attention. Additionally, our federal appellate lawyers have a lot of experience in answering the queries that are usually posed by the presiding judges of the federal appellate court.

Even the most experienced lawyers will agree that the oral argument sessions before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals are fluid and very dynamic ride on a roller coaster. Oral argument sessions are basically very interactive and fast-paced sessions where we make the case for your appeal before a bench of Federal Judges. The judges ask questions that we answer in a persuasive way in your favor. These sessions are allocated very limited time and therefore a lot of preparation is important.

Trial courts are different from federal appellate courts. In federal appeal courts, the appeal lawyer is usually given a limited duration of time to make your case and answer any questions that the judges have. Apart from being a session where your attorney answers questions, they also get a chance to sway the court in your favor. Oral argument sessions are basically a face-to-face session where your lawyer attorney meets the judges who will preside over your case. This session usually gives your attorney a great chance to gauge and determine if the presiding judges have any doubts on the legal issues that are outlined in your appeal brief. The questions that are asked by the judges give your lawyer a golden opportunity to help the judges see things from your view through persuasive legal arguments. The attorneys at Eddington & Worley understand the importance of oral argument sessions and as such, they are there at every moment striving to sway the court in your favor.

The process of Federal Appeals can be stressful to follow and understand. As such, it is best to have competent legal attorneys at your side. We have the best legal minds when it comes to federal appeals and we can guide you in the appeals process and give you the best shot at getting a favorable outcome in the judicial process.

What States are Covered by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals?

If you have been tried and convicted of a crime in one of the U.S. District Courts outlined below, you must file your appeal to the Fifth District Court of Appeals. The courts include:

  • Eastern District of Louisiana
  • Middle District of Louisiana
  • Western District of Louisiana
  • Northern District of Mississippi
  • Southern District of Mississippi
  • Eastern District of Texas
  • Northern District of Texas
  • Southern District of Texas
  • Western District of Texas
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Court cases in the districts outlined above usually come from cities such as Jackson, Mississippi; Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Houston, Texas and other cities. If you are filing an appeal in any of these courts, you must act fast because of time limitations, and, address your appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. If you have taken a plea bargain or been sentenced in any of the districts, you must file a ‘Notice of Appeal’ before 30 days have passed! The 30 days are given by the court to allow you to file your appeal brief in a timely manner. What can you do if the 30 days have passed before you have filed your appeal? If that is the case, you should get in touch with us as fast as possible. We can still review your case properly even if your previous lawyer may have overlooked this process.

What Types of Appeals Cases Does Eddington & Worley Handle?

The highly experienced and talented legal professionals at our firm can handle all the different types of cases that are brought before the judges in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. They can handle the following cases that include but are not limited to:

  • Health care crimes that include fraud and making false claims against Medicare and Medicaid
  • White-collar criminal violations including insider trading, money laundering, bribery, corruption, identity theft, conspiracy, wire and mail fraud, and bank fraud
  • Gang activity, kidnapping, loan sharking and extortion
  • Drug crimes including drug crime conspiracies, manufacturing, trafficking, distribution, and possession
  • Firearm crimes such as unlawful possession, importation, and selling of ammunition and guns across state lines and illegal sale of weapons
  • Violent crimes such as armed robbery, manslaughter, assault and murder

Contact The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Attorney At Eddington & Worley Today

On contacting the federal appeals law firm of Eddington & Worley, we ensure that you are treated fairly by the judges and justices presiding over your trial and the prosecution. Remember that the courts and the government do not protect your rights. It is your responsibility and that of the lawyer representing you to exercise the protection given to you by different federal statutes and the constitution. Contact our lawyers so that your rights can be protected and so that you can get a fair trial. We will help guarantee that the justice system will not roll over you.

Are you wondering how you can get the justice that you rightly deserve? Contact us by calling (281) 595-1519 and let our highly qualified appeals lawyers help you. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals cannot protect your rights – WE CAN. The legal minds at Eddington & Worley are highly trained on all aspects of criminal law, the federal process of handling appeals and most importantly we are trained to guarantee that you get the best shot at justice.

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